Les crêpes à dentelles !

Quimper, 1893 : Marie-Catherine Cornic, sans doute amoureuse, oublie sa poêle sur le feu…

et donne ainsi le jour à la croustillante crêpe dentelle !

Toujours confectionnée dans la grande tradition bretonne (sans colorant ni conservateur).

En étuis individuels dorés, festifs à souhait.

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    With their first attack in 15 minutes, the Jes looked
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    If you could edit your comment to make it a little more civil that
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    Trump has essentially erased Obama era progress and gone back to the days
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    thing into something that more closely resembles the traditional Arrested Development format.
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    a new series tentatively titled The Flavorette.

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    Florentino love for him is the only thing keeping him here.
    Lets hope they accept the reallity of his situation and look for someone else.The
    last straw was on the way back from Instanbul 2005, where
    we lost the UCL final despite leading 3 0 after the first half.

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    due to the closure of School Road.Buses travelling towards St Helier will now turn left after Le Marais and travel to
    Greve d’Azette using Rue de Maupertuis.There will also be changes on bus
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    la Hougue Bie and Grande Route de Faldouet.And in a bid to reduce congestion, the only buses going
    to Broad Street will be the 19 and 25 services.All other buses will go directly to and from Liberation Station.
    The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites.

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    Kent is a former foreign journalist who also served most recently
    as federal environment minister.Last week, Conservative Leader
    Stephen Harper faced a question about Paranchothy in the wake of a report suggesting he had obscured his Tamil origins
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    Skylark X joined Skylark IX at Dunkirk in 1940 but it was sunk in The Thames around 15 years ago.Anyone
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    or are in the process of doing so, part of the reason they
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